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In addition to the sections below, you may wish to consult Section 10 to see what people have written about their experiences with DXM and other drugs.

8.1 Alcohol

Some users report that a small amount of alcohol (a beer or two) before the DXM can both enhance the trip and prevent some nausea. Alcohol following the DXM trip seems to be reduced in some, but not all, of its effects. Note that large doses of alcohol combined with DXM often cause prolonged (up to 2 hours!) vomiting. Alcohol after the end of a high dosage DXM trip has been reported to temporarily bring back many of the dissociative effects (cannabis and nitrous oxide also do this). This seems possible up to five days after the DXM trip, depending on your metabolism and brain chemistry.

8.2 Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines

I have no data on this combination. I strongly suggest you avoid this; both barbiturates and benzodiazepines tend to be dangerous enough by themselves.

8.3 Amphetamines and Other Psychostimulants

Some people enjoy this combination, others find it unpleasantly speedy. Most who've tried it reported that DXM will potentiate other stimulants. Since DXM inhibits dopamine reuptake, combining it with a dopamine releasing agent (amphetamine or methamphetamine) will naturally produce a combined, synergistic effect. Consequently, you should be careful to avoid a hypertensive crisis.

Combining DXM, a psychostimulant, and a monoamine oxidase inhibitor is a sure way to make your blood pressure skyrocket and will probably kill you (if you're lucky) or leave you with severe brain damage (if you aren't lucky).

8.4 Cannabis (Marijuana)

DXM plus cannabis is a frequent combination, which most people seem to enjoy, at least at lower doses of DXM. High doses of DXM (third plateau and up) mixed with cannabis can be very, very dissociative and sometimes unpleasant.

One user reported that 360mg DXM followed 3.5h later by "a bowl or two" produced a very profound, and unique, intoxication. Severe flanging of all sensory input was present, and there was an overall "vibration" feeling present in the muscles. With eyes closed, he could think fairly clearly, and solve simple and complex tasks much easier than on DXM or cannabis alone; however, with eyes open (or other sensory distraction) cognitive abilities deteriorated rapidly. Motor skills were possible only when performed automatically; any attempt to focus on them led to difficulties.

Several users have reported that cannabis and DXM generally "go well" together. Note that cannabis after the DXM trip is over seems to bring back some of the dissociative effects, much like alcohol and nitrous oxide.

8.5 LSD, psilocybin, and other 5HT hallucinogens

I have limited data on this combination. One person simply said that DXM and LSD was "not recommended". Another person disagreed, and said that DXM helped him avoid unpleasant cognitive effects and "bad trips" he might otherwise get from LSD alone. LSD may help you remember the experiences of higher plateau DXM trips.

One person wrote the following of his DXM + LSD experience:

Anyways that day I had been up about 18 hours when I took the lsd. After doing some fingerpainting and noticing how the visuals were pretty good for only 1 hit and just having recently tripped I decided to give the dxm another whirl. So I took 300mg.
At first I felt slightly out of it a bit drunk. As I sat in the chair however I began to feel like I was sinking deep within myself. It became very hard to focus on anything so I closed my eyes. Whew-wee what a mistake. The visuals were *intense* blinding lights, zooming, it was unlike anything I had ever seen. I opened my eyes and when they couldnt focus I began to feel horribly sick. So I went and threw up it lasted about 30 seconds and after I threw up (instantly) I began to feel incredibly fucked up. I was very depersonalized. I felt like I was nothing more than a dot inside my head. Focus on anything was next to impossible and my eyes began to shift a lot. The vertigo was immense if I looked at any repeating pattern. Enigma was playing on the stereo and it sounded so full and deep it was hard to listen to. I layed down and closed my eyes and began another rushing trip. This one was much more intenst than the first so intense that my brain began to feel very overloaded. I suddeny had to throw up again becase of the *music*; it was just too much to handle. At this point I felt incredibly horrible. My head felt like it was pulsating, as did my whole body. It was as though I was showering the room with excess energy. The music was turned off and I gained some composure. This time after thorwing up (just water) I felt wonderful. I relaxed and layed down again and then it began. The most wonderous experience of my life. There just are no words to describe the nenxt 4 or 5 hours. I would close my eyes and the visuals were so lifelike. It was like a waking dream where I had full control. Soemtimes it was hard to tell if my eyes were close or open. When they were open I was having mass hallucinations. Walls with paintings that werent there etc... It was just sum up the pros and cons.
Dont do lsd+dxm if your not VERY stable. The possibility of a bad trip is easily much higher than the possibilty of a good one. Dont do dxm+lsd if you've ever had a bad trip due to repressed memories. Dont do dxm+lsd if your afraid of seeing wierd shit when you puke (if you puke on dxm) this I see as being extremely tramatic for a number of people. Dont do dxm+lsd if your worried about it. You will at time prolly feel like you are dying/or dead (the upside is you feel so content you dont really care).
Do dxm+lsd if you can take it and want the trip of your life. Quite simply I have never seen anything else that even came close to comparing.
Will I do it again? I doubt it. I achieved what I was looking for in the whole trip thing; complete and total fooling of my mind.

8.6 Opiates

One person says that small amounts of opiates tend to "mellow out" the DXM trip, and reduce the possibility for panic attacks or anxiety. Another user said opiates should only be taken after the peak of the DXM trip, because otherwise they would cancel each other out to some degree.

On the other hand, this may be a dangerous combination, and I'd recommend against it. Both DXM and opiates can depress respiration and high enough doses, and there might be a synergistic effect.

8.7 PCP and ketamine

The only report I have indicated that ketamine plus DXM was not much different from ketamine. I expect that most of DXM's particular effects on sigma receptors are overshadowed by ketamine's NMDA antagonism. Ketamine is a much more potent NMDA antagonist than DXM, and since they both compete for the same site, DXM isn't going to affect this much.

8.8 Nicotine

This is a combination I hadn't considered before, but which evidently is fairly interesting. Nicotine seems to vastly potentiate DXM's effects for some people, enough so that one user reported that one cigarette could floor him on a second plateau trip. Another user reported that nicotine helped him overcome some of the memory problems with higher doses of DXM, but tended to induce nausea.

8.9 Nootropics (Smart Drugs)

A few regular users of dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), around 800mg per day, have reported that the regular use of DMAE prevents a lot of the memory and cognitive problems associated with DXM use, while still leaving the rest of its interesting effects.

A similar effect has been reported for piracetam. See also information on use of nootropics to limit hangover in Section 4.5.

8.10 Miscellaneous Other Drugs

Several people have reported to me that nitrous oxide goes well with DXM, especially towards the end of the trip. This seems to be consistent with nitrous oxide's effects in combination with other hallucinogens. Specifically, nitrous oxide seems to intensely multiply the flanging, "stoning", and dissociative effects without added adverse side effects.

It might be a good idea to avoid tetrodotoxin, given DXM's sodium channel blocking ability. (This is a joke! No, don't go out and try zombie potion).

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