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Date: 14 Nov 91 06:30:27 GMT

Another excerpt from Psychedelic Chemistry from Loompanics ltd.

THC Extraction

Some samples of grass have considerable THC acid. In order to extract this it is first necessary to decarboxylate it by heating it to 100 degrees for fifteen minutes. Grass grown commercially for its fiber content, as well as that grown in nothern Europe or much of the U.S.A., contains mostly the inactive cannabidiol and cannabidiolic acid. These compounds can be extracted and used to synthesize the active THC and THC acid (by smoking, not active orally) in one step. See Tetrahedron 21, 1228(1965) or the following. To extract, add 50g grass/liter petroleum ether or benzene; soak twelve hours with occasional shaking; filter and extract petroleum ether three times with a solution containing 5% NaOH and 5% Na2SO3. Acidify the aqueous extracts with cold dilute sulfuric acid and extract with ether or chloroform which is dried, evaporated in a vacuum to yield the cannabidiolic acid. THC and cannabidiol remain in the petrolium ether which can be dried and evaporated in a vacuum and the residue added to the grass. THC acid is converted to THC by boiling in benzene for seven hours.

THC Extraction for smuggling or Converting Poor Grass to Good

This is recommended to anyone who wants to smuggle or otherwise conceal grass or hash. One hundred kilos of grass will convert to about two or three kilos of resin, which can later be redissolved and absorbed on alfalfa, etc. See Lloydia 33, 453(1970) for a method of large scale extraction.

Cover grass or hash with methanol, benzene, petroleum ether, or isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Allow to soak for about twelve hours, filter and repeat soaking with fresh solvent. This process can be speeded up by gently heating the solvent plus grass (no flames) for about three hours, adding more solvent if necessary. Evaporate the combined solvent extracts until a resin is obtained or until syrupy and absorb the syrup on grass, etc. Repeat the process until no more resin is obtained, or until smoking some of the residual grass indicates that all the THC has been extracted. Methylene chloride works very well. Unleaded gas, preferably without additives (white gas), paint thinner or remover, or turpentine should be satasfactory. For a detailed discussion, see Marijuana Potency, And/Or Press (1977).

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